I'm a twenty-eight year old mother of one, not a writer by any means, and definitely not an expert on life. This is not an advice column. Honestly I'm still trying to find my way. It's crazy to me how you can work so hard and still find yourself in the same spot, not really progressing. After a while you start evaluating things in an attempt to figure out what the damn problem is. I'm here looking around waiting for success to just hit me in the face, but knowing that life doesn't work that way. Guess you would call me a late bloomer; twenty-eight still in school, working an entry-level job, and still trying to find my niche. I'm also dealing with self-love and self-esteem issues, which may actually be the root of this tree of  mediocrity. Writing is my way of getting it all out, setting goals, documenting my successes, failures, and obstacles that I encounter on the way. It's also my way of venting and expressing how I feel about different issues. Ultimately the journey is for me to learn me and push myself. Hopefully, my journey positively impacts someone else's, time will tell…

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