Texaco @ Oxford, AL 🤮

Time/ approx: 3:30pm
Date: 07/28/2020 
Location: Texaco Station-Oxford, AL

Officer Tomme from the Oxford police department and his partner, both of which refused to provide written identification (business card), were called to remove my companion and I from the Oxford Texaco station by a racist employee who did not want us using the facility. 

There are not signs or written policies provided to explain why we were being asked to leave. When I politely asked why I was being asked to leave, and for documentation that stated that I could not be there the employee got angry and decided to call the police. 

Officer Tomme and his partner came to the store and instantly asked us to leave. Instead of officer Tomme accessing the situation, referencing the policy, and explaining why, out of any of the customers at the location, I was asked to leave he dismissed my concerns and forced me to leave the location. 

I’m honestly not surprised by the blatant disregard for my rights and the fact that I was pardoning this establishment, considering the vile history of police and racism in Alabama. I honestly just hoped this interaction would have been different. 

At least not one was beaten or murdered this time.

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